Entrepreneur, writer, and media expert on redefining self-promotion, and using public relations as a weapon for positive career changes. Her humor and relatability as a decade-long freelance writer on business and entrepreneurship make her a popular voice for a millennial audience and beyond. All of her side projects, from events to products to websites, showcase her ability to connect current trends with action.

Fineman is the founder and CEO of FinePoint, a communications & professional development company that empowers leadership through public relations tactics. FinePoint also works with women and girls, teaching them how to brag, as well as redefine self-promotion, and create a vocabulary to speak positively about professional achievement.


consign + co™

With 18 years of experience in consignment and resale, I teach shoppers how to find top brands while reducing your carbon footprint, saving money, & getting more from your closet. 


hillary scrunchies

With the scrunchie you can put your hair up for Hillary, in a small way support her presidential bid, or order a fun kitschy gift for someone you love.


HUFFINGTON POST: ‘Wonder Woman’ And The Power Of Watching A Woman Save The World

Reactions to the film show exactly why, yet again, representation matters