Brag Better is crucial for your career. 📖

Whether for a new job, a raise, or confidence, this new approach to bragging will erase anxiety and provide a roadmap to champion yourself.

Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion, an Amazon and a Porchlight Nonfiction Bestseller, has helped thousands of highly-competent individuals who are underestimated because they lack the strategy for self-promotion.

Get the book and learn to get loud, proud, and strategic about sharing your skills and accomplishments with the world.

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Brag Better
By Meredith Fineman

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“Not all of us come into the world with the self-assurance we need, and it can be infuriating to watch overconfidence pay off while merit goes unrewarded, especially for the most marginalized in our society.

Meredith Fineman has taught me how to Brag Better and will help you do it, too.”

Liz Plank, author of For the Love of Men 📗

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Blurbs from the back of the book...⚡️

Alyssa Mastromonaco, former deputy White House chief of staff to President Obama and author of Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

"Brag Better will change your life. It took me an extraordinarily long time to write my first book because any time I wrote anything positive about myself, I would edit the sentence to death because I didn’t want to seem egotistical. Forget that!"

Soraya Chemaly, author of Rage Becomes Her and director of the Women's Media Center Speech Project

"This book provides a pitch-perfect map for how to take your career to the next level."

Jennifer Romolini, author of Weird in a World That’s Not

"In debunking ‘likability’ myths and teaching precisely and practically how women should magnify their accomplishments, Fineman ignites a kind of bold, brash, bragging revolution—one that will wake your meek ass up."

Fran Hauser, author of The Myth of the Nice Girl and former president of Digital at Time Inc.

"This whip-smart, empowering book dismantles the idea that to be heard, you have to be the loudest blowhard in the room. This action plan makes the scary, but necessary, skill of talking about yourself look easy."

Vanessa Van Edwards, author of Captivate

"Bragging is a superpower if it’s done right. Meredith Fineman teaches you how to confidently, assertively, and expertly gain respect by talking about yourself. It’s a skill everyone should have."

dream hampton, award-winning filmmaker Surviving R. Kelly & TIME 100 Most Influential People 2019 Honoree

"Brag Better is a thoughtful guide to finding, using, and sharing your voice, even when it's difficult. Speaking up matters – especially in the current landscape."

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