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Meredith Fineman is a frequent keynote, training, and panel speaker on topics from strategic self-promotion to women and voice and beyond. She speaks at companies like Blackstone, Capital One, Bloomberg, Levi's, and more, at universities like Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania, and at conferences like the 3% Conference and Create & Cultivate.

She is represented by American Program Bureau. Get in touch with her about a custom talk for your company, brand, or organization below. Download her one-sheet speaking topic guide, here.

Recent comments from a recent talk Spring 2022:

"Just wanted to drop in to say Meredith was amazingggg!! Such a great empowering convo. We are having a debrief tomorrow with our group to discuss Meredith topics tomorrow too!"
"I thought it was great! Specifically her examples of how to push back and make sure you are advocating for yourself even in team projects and scenarios."
"At our company there is a big push around being a team player and collaborative and sometimes I think its hard to be vocal about your efforts and how you propelled the group/initiative/etc. without feeling like you awkward (for lack of a better word). I found it helpful when Meredith mentioned that its okay to say we and I in the same sentence."
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