Elevation, Visibility, Voice.

Leadership, communications, and bragging to get your message across, self-promote to get what you want, and learn how to control the narrative of your work and career.

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Power Hour Consulting

PR strategy, personal brand, thought leadership, brand strategy, voice, and beyond.

Book Power Hour Consulting

Book topics, how to write a solid proposal, what publishers look for, what agents look for, how to liaise with publishing houses, editors, marketing folks, and more, book press and the long tail of publicity, and how to market and release a book.

Brag Better Bootcamp

Brag Better Bootcamp is a four-week bootcamp for people who want to develop their personal brand so that they can be acknowledged and appreciated for their accomplishments.

Brag Better Mini Bootcamp

The core course materials and four pre-recorded lectures.

Brag Better Bootcamp VIP 1:1

Just you and me, baby! We will be working through the bootcamp together in a special day-long format to get you bragging better in a fast, effective, and intimate manner.

Speaking + Training

I speak and train at universities, brands, and corporations from Intel to Capital One, to Blackstone, Levi Strauss, Stanford University, and more. I provide keynotes, standard hour-long lectures, and custom lectures. I am exclusively represented by APB Speakers Bureau.



Jeff Denby

"FinePoint truly understands the challenges that Founders face in sharing their stories and developing their personal brands. As a Founder, I just don’t have the time to understand the effectiveness of all the different media channels but FinePoint’s strategies have helped me stay focused and hone my voice as a social entrepreneur and thought leader. Meredith took the time to truly learn about my passion, my ideas, my vision and developed a strategy that was completely customized to my needs. She’s easy to get in touch with, fast with feedback, honest, and really fun to work with. Developing a personal brand and putting yourself out there in the media can be unnerving, but FinePoint has done an incredible job of guiding me through the process."

Nisha Chittal

"FinePoint is the expert when it comes to women, personal branding, and 'career PR.' I asked FinePoint for some help with growing my email newsletter. In one call, they gave me a list of suggestions that I put into action and I saw 15% subscriber growth immediately – as a direct result of FinePoint’s recommendations. You would be wise to hire FinePoint."

Wanona Satcher

"FinePoint is an amazingly proficient company in personal and professional branding. As an African-American woman-owned architecture business ‘leaning in’ is not an option as at times I’m not invited into the room. Meredith’s expertise, care and excellent customer service has helped me not only leverage my potential as a future successful CEO but how to develop new networks that will help my business implement positive social impact. FinePoint is definitely the ‘go to’ PR and branding firm for women entrepreneurs."


Alezandra Russell
Andrew Smith
Ariana Austin
Bitcoin & Blockchain
Thought Leader
Climate & Renewable Energy Specialist
Diversity Advocate & Author
Famous Nutritionist
Foreign Policy Expert & Antiquities Activist
Foundation Leader & Investor Focusing on Women’s Issues
Founder of Digital Strategy Firm & Resource on Technology & Families
Jennifer P Lim
Leading Digital
Strategist & Speaker
Liz Norton
Megha Desai

Melissa Ryan
Moses Boyd
Nonprofit Leader
Political Pundit
Product Design Specialist
Professor & Educational Activist
Rachael Ellison
Real Estate Mogul
Renewable Products Specialist & Serial Entrepreneur
Serial Entrepreneur & Youth Marketing Specialist
Suzanne Lerner
Thought Leader in Modern Education & Reform
Well Known Digital Strategist & Women’s Issues Thought Leader
Well Known Ocean Conservationist
Well Known Writer
Work Life Balance Specialist & Startup
Founder on Working Moms

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