Women Write Washington

Washington, DC is home to more diverse and ambitious women / womyn than ever before. Whether in technology, startups, media, art, politics, or law, a dynamic new generation of Washington women is determining attitudes and ideas. They're also reading, a lot.

Women Write Washington is an event series that celebrates women (and woman-identifying) authors. 




Meredith and her friend Sarah Lane launched a podcast all about the second-hand economy, particularly fashion, called It Never Gets Old, in April of 2019. The podcast covers everything from how to buy and sell online second-hand clothing, to what brands have staying power, and what this explosive new industry of resale means for the planet and for fashion.




In 2013- 2014, Hillary Clinton, then Madame Secretary, was shamed for wearing a timeless and, one would say, trend-transcending hair accessory - the scrunchie. Not all of us have time to do our hair when traveling internationally, or dealing with national security. Not all of us have time to do our hair while we are busy working, cooking, studying, being a mom, cleaning, staying fit - and all of those other tasks that 2015 demands from women. Subject to mockery over the past couple decades, the modest scrunchie has prevailed as an awesome accessory to put your hair up. So instead of making fun of Hillz, let's embrace her favorite hair accessory. So with this, a sense of humor, and two feminist best friends with business acumen -- you get Hillary Scrunchies. Put your hair up for Hillary, support her presidential bid, or order a gift for someone you love, and tag #iwearmyhillary.