So You Want to Get Paid To Speak?

You should. And you can. 

Join me for some industry real talk. Leave with your professional speaking roadmap.

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.LIVE: 6PM EST 11.29

You deserve to be compensated fairly for the value you create when you're speaking about your expertise.

Whether you're starting from zero or looking to double your current prices, this session is for you.

Get an industry overview and the help you need to establish the rate you deserve.

In business, “value” usually translates to “money”, directly (breakthrough research that shapes R&D, or sales training) or indirectly (stories of workplace inclusion that will ultimately reduce employee turnover). One speaker can have an exponential impact on an organization, because every person who attends can then apply what they learned to helping their organizations.

I want to give you the real talk and the roadmap about the industry.

People ask me all the time about how to get paid to speak— I’ll be presenting all the info you need to get started during the webinar. Stay for the Q+A to get answers to your burning questions. 

Whether you’re looking to make professional speaking engagements a big part of your business, or you just want to— finally!—be compensated fairly for the value you create, this webinar is for you. 

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I’ll be sharing info on: 

  • How to start the $ convo
  • Core topics
  • Packaging
  • Pricing
  • Speaking agents

You'll leave with a roadmap of how to Brag Better about the value you create and how to land the opportunities and compensation you want. 

There will be a paid speaking mastermind starting January 1 you'll get first dibs on.

The live webinar will also include a 30 minute Q+A and will include brutal honesty about pricing (I'll tell you mine!)

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