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Master the art of fearless self-promotion

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4 Weeks Of Content, 1 Jam Session;


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Share your strengths

You want to easily and authentically share your strengths...without feeling icky or obnoxious.

Feel confident

You want to feel confident when you’re telling your story, and with the recognition that comes with being seen and heard.

Go for what you want

You’re ready to stop self-sabotaging and go for what you really want – the promotion, the raise, and the recognition..

Does talking about your accomplishments feel icky or scary? 😱

Are you worried people will think you’re obnoxious?

So many people treat “brag” like a dirty word. I’m here to change that. Because bragging is about giving yourself credit – and getting the credit you deserve.

I wrote the best-seller Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion to help smart people who struggle to talk about themselves and their accomplishments learn how to brag so that they can unlock career opportunities. I call these people the Qualified Quiet. If that feels familiar, Brag Better Bootcamp is for you.

💓 Meredith

A better career – better salary, better title, better recognition starts with learning how to Brag Better. 🎤

You can’t just let your work speak for itself. Because if you’re not enthusiastic about your achievements, nobody else will be.

If you're here, you've done the work. It's time to tell people about it.

Illustrations by Jordan Sondler.

The Brag Better Bootcamp is about more than raising your hand or talking about what you've done. It's about allowing yourself to dream bigger, and arming yourself with the tactics to make it happen.  ✨

Here's what you'll get from the Brag Better Bootcamp: 🏋️‍♂️

  • Develop your personal brand so that your accomplishments and skills can shine.
  • Learn to explain what you do in simple, sticky terms to earn respect and recognition from the public and people at work.
  • Eliminate words that undermine your work and find better ones.
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What's inside the Brag Better Bootcamp?

🚀 Monday drops of 8-10 video modules, from crafting a better bio to why bragging matters and how to win at it.

🚀 Extensive worksheets, scripts, and prompts.

🚀 Pep talks for a midweek "You can do it!"

🚀 One live "jam session" with reviewing of that month's content and crucial Q&A.

🚀Special pricing for all of Meredith's services including power hours and coaching packages and other treats.



Brag Better Bootcamp is for you if 👉

  • You have trouble talking about your accomplishments to others.
  • You want to share your expertise, but you feel sick at the thought of giving a speech.
  • You can talk all day about how brilliant your friends and colleagues are, but you stay silent when it comes to talking about your own accomplishments. 
  • It feels more natural to “put your head down and do the work”.
  • You're tired of the loudest people in your industry getting all of the praise and rewards.
  • You're unconsciously self-sabotaging by not communicating your achievements and skill sets.
  • You feel well-liked but under-appreciated.

What people are saying about
Brag Better Bootcamp. 👄

(Don't you just love when other people brag for you?)


"I feel so luck that the Brag Better Bootcamp was available to me at the moment I really needed it. I was paralyzed from the stress and exhaustion of the pandemic and unable to move forward – the Bootcamp broke things down into digestible (and therefore actionable) steps and now I'm on my way! Beyond the tactics and tools, this experience gave me space and freedom to imagine the next-level version of myself. A few weeks out and I'm already engaging with people from a place of more strength and confidence.

10/10 would (and actually often do) recommend."

Corporate Exec

"Fineman opened my mind to bigger picture of both my present and my future."


"Meredith is the supportive kick in the pants you need to take charge of your story and your career. Her bootcamp is perfect for any busy professional who thinks they couldn't possibly make time for their own growth and development – thanks to Meredith, you absolutely can."

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