So You Want to Write A Book [Proposal]

LIVE: 6PM EST 9.22

People ask me constantly (like, several times a week) how to get a book published. I give them the same answer: don’t focus on the book (yet), focus on the book proposal. It has to kill. Writing a book proposal is a skill, not unlike writing a business plan.

Good news: I can take you through the steps to untangle your ideas and reformat them into a yesable proposal.

I’ve written five book proposals that landed deals (some of which you know and some of which I am sworn to secrecy 🤐) and advised on dozens of others.

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Join me for a live webinar where I’ll break the book proposal process down for you, alert you to the 🚩 red flags 🚩 to avoid, and you’ll leave with a roadmap of how to package your idea so you can Brag Better your way into a deal.

The webinar will also include a live Q+A, so you’ll get to hear from me and learn from fellow aspiring authors. 

⚠️Note: the content of this webinar will be focused on non-fiction book proposals for traditional book deals (ie through one of the big publishing houses and their imprints). ⚠️

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